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   Council of Angels and Council of Angels Inc.
 Active for many years and in many Ministerial forms.
 Council of Angels Inc. was Incorporated in 2004 as a MA Chapter 180 non-profit corporation.
   Rev. Dr. Joseph A. Walsh NP Esq.
 Known as Angel to my Friends. 

 Gifted with teachings of loving touch by my Mother, a Healer, first books as a child were the Bible, a double set of Encyclopedias, The Volume Library of Science and The Volume Dictionary. Subsequent pertinent theological readings include many versions and editions of The Holy Bible; The Egyptian Book of the Dead; The Tibetan Book of the Dead; The Koran; The Talmud; The Vedas; The Murabaha; et al.
 Recognized as Blessed with the Gifts of The Holy Spirit: The Gifts of Healings by charismatic Priest circa 1980s, my hands were then specially Blessed as the Hands of a Healer.
 Trained: Basic Life Support Rescuer; Civil Defense Emergency Preparedness; Community Access Monitor (CAM) A.D.A Compliance; CPR Instructor; Cane Masters Instructor: elder-disAbled; Emergency Medical Services- Emergency Medical Technician (EMT); Hypnotist-Progressive Relaxation Therapist: (C.A.L.M. Foundation);
 Serving mainly poor populations in many locations throughout my life. Disabled as a young adult, rehabilitated to Earning a Double Bachelor's Degree in Law and Human Services and a Paralegal Law Workers Certificate in 1999.
 Ordained Reverend InterFaith MultiFaith Minister;
 Commissioned and Lay Minister in various Faiths and Religions:
  Catholic Church; the Baptist Church; Church of Christ; and many non incorporated Ministries. 
 Boards and Committees: State; Local; and private:
  President; Chairman; Secretary; Editor; Publisher: Elected and Ex Officio
 Founder and Creator: Clubs; Organizations; and Websites,
 Genesis 2 Church of Health and Healing: Elevated to Minister, and Doctor of Natural Health and Healing.
 Notary Public
 Veteran of many hard fought, well won advocacy battles

 Officiating at and providing all Ministerial Services and Functions including Solemnizing of Marriages at Weddings, regardless of
Ethnicity, Race, Religion, Gender, or Sexual Orientation, etc.
 Gifts are greatly appreciated.
 Ministries: Advocacy; Bible Distribution; Feeding the Hungry; Healings; The Word; Technology to the Poor; The Spirit; visiting the sick and infirm; Service; street Ministry; Weddings: Marriages / Commitment Ceremonies; et al

Ministries, Benevolences, Associations, etc.
 Boston Acquired Brain Injury Support (BABIS); Boston Benevolent Chiropractic Clinic (BBCC); Boston Natural Areas Network (BNAN); Boston Community Garden Council (BCGC); Boys Town; Boys and Girls Town; Church of Christ; CoExist; Council of Angels; Genesis 2 Church of Health and Healing; InterFaith Church Ministries; Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission (MRC); MMS Arch Bishop James Humble; MultiFaith Church Ministries; One Laptop Per Child; Remote Healings; Retrouvaille; Salvation Army; Tong Ren; Universal Life Church;; Warrior Monks; et al

 Substantive Advocacy and Consult Specialties:
  Efficiency and Productivity; Elders; EMS-EMT; disAbility Rights and Services; Homeless; Housing; Immigration; Human Rights; Remote Healings; Research Specialist; Pest Control; Spiritual Guidance; Utilities and Services; Youth; et al.

  Gifts of money can be sent directly to the address below.
  Cell Phones; Computers; Eye Glasses; Hearing Aids; PDAs; etc for the needy can be shipped POSTAGE PAID to our address below.  .

                          Gift Us Your Time As A VOLUNTEER

 Rev. Dr. Joseph A. Walsh NP Esq.
 Council of Angels
 POB 51736
 Boston, MA 02205-1736 USA
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